Lekesbylekes Web Site

The idea to make this web site serving as an art gallery for my works was in my mind for nearly two years, but my economical situation was not good enough to face up to ordering it. So I asked for help on my Helpx profile… and a rainy night of December 2010 the web designer Janice Shaw landed at home.

It has not been an easy task for neither of us to launch this site, Janice with her head on practical matters my head on artistic ones but finally we have reached a satisfactory conclusion.

And I think that the most remarkable result of our collaboration is this logo

lekes logo

Theatre Darna

During my last stay in Morroco (2002 – 2008) a beautiful friendship was born with the writer, actor, producer and theatre director Eric Valentin, who is developing an important social and cultural work in Tanger through the Theatre Darna

Thanks to him, who has taught me many other things, I learnt to get rid of my stage fright.

During 2007 and 2008 several performances of “Gagne ton Visa” were made and I had the honour to be part of his troupe playing one of the members of the jury.

The French film producer Jean-Claude Sussfeld saw one of the performances, which he liked and proposed to make a film… the fruit of this will soon be available on the internet but for now you can watch the following trailers.


Cubos Móviles

The dice were rolling in the garden for several months each going in there own direction… my friend Miguel Larrea arrived to help organise my vital space which had become a disaster… he collected the cubes, started to play with them… and as by an enchantment… he placed one cube ontop of the other… tanto monta monta tanto… (the emblem of the catholic monarchs Isabelle and Ferdinand, i don’t know if there is an equivalent in English) and they started to turn with only the slightest touch of his little finger… View Cubos Móviles



The plaster hemiphere was waiting to be unmoulded for two years. One day my nephew and godson Eduardo wanted to paint. We prepared the paints and paint brushes but we didn’t have a canvas to hand… so we unmoulded the ladybird and started jointly to paint it… we then placed it on wheels and it became a moving seat. View Mariquita