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Limit does exist if and only if the limits on the right and on the left exist and both are the same.matematicas

Silence Bird

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L'oiseau Silence

There are silences that kill you and silences that give you wings.

The silence of consent
and the silence of refusal.

The silence desired
and the silence suffered.

The silence of wisdom
and the silence of ignorance.

There are silences to listen to and I love silence.

But the silence I’m interested in today…… Is her silence.

Adrienne’s Challenge

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Le Défi d'Adrienne
On October 5, 2010 Adrienne’s blog dawned with this title: Mais que deviennent-ils les doudous perdus par les petits enfants? (What do they become, the cuddly toys lost by children?)

Teddy, one day he went, no matter how, he went. Forever.

And the child stopped being a child.

And began looking for silences.

Yes, children…..Who is now your confident, the one with expressive silences, your companion in solitude, in darkness, who is your invisible friend?


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Cross. The Crosses of May in Cordoba. The festive air, patios adorned with flowers and open to visitors: smiles bathed in food, wine and music.

We bought tickets and went into the Mosque.

Breathe the art and history in silence, food for the soul.

A small and rude concierge approached me:

Put on your shoes now! He ordered, without even saying hello to me. In a faltering voice.
Why? I replied.
Because you’re in church!
Now I’m in the mosque area, sir.
You’re in church!, He said, raising his voice more.
Precisely, I’m in the house of god and I respect the rule, barefoot.
I told you put on your shoes! He said, lifting his tone even more.
Do you want me wearing shoes in the temple?
Listen, as soon as I cross the line on the ground that separates the church from the mosque area I will gladly put my shoes on, okay?
I told you to put on your shoes, he repeated, almost shouting. Yet another porter came because of his cries.

Looking alternately at the small man and his colleague, who prudently remained silent, I said:

If I can not be barefoot in the mosque then tell the bishop to come and tell me himself, but I’ll put on my shoes when I put my feet in the church and I have arrived at the marble tile area knowen as the christian temple.

No sooner said than done, I placed my sandals on the marble and I put in my feet in so they did not touch the marble naked.

Living this story has stirred things in me and incited me to an umpteenth reflection about the trilogy of monotheism who aspire to govern our societies and their respective actual trends. While I was meditating, the painting “Cordoba” was born.


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Hi to you all, and this blog are a virtual gallery of my art work.

Here new works will appear with commentaries about the process of creation,materials and techniques used.

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